Do people often fail to understand you even though your grammar is correct? Do you wish to learn to speak English with a more native-like accent that is easy for people to understand? Perhaps you can write grammatically correct sentences, but when it comes to conversation you have difficulty communicating due to poor pronunciation and intonation?

The aim of this workshop is to give the student the necessary tools and knowledge to help them improve their English pronunciation and listening skills. The student will be introduced to the phonemes of English and the International Phonetic Alphabet. Following from this we will compare and practice pronunciation of vowels, consonants and basic sentence structures.

This course also attempts to take into consideration the linguistic background of the student which may be preventing them from acquiring natural English pronunciation. The use of vocal cords, movement of tongue and use of facial muscles tends to vary from one language to another. Developing this awareness is a fundamental step to adopting more native-like English pronunciation.

This workshop will also explore accelerated learning techniques to help the student develop the necessary tools and thinking patterns to help them develop native-like pronunciation.

This workshop is mainly aimed at non-native English speakers and ESL (English Second Language) students. Whether you are a student or a working adult, everyone is welcome to attend from beginners to advanced. This pronunciation class focuses on RP which stands for "Received Pronunciation".



Who can attend this event?

The main target audience is non-native English speakers of all levels. However, anyone is welcome to attend.

How do I attend?

Previous workshops were held in physical venues but due to the current health crisis, workshops will be held online for the foreseeable future.

We will use Zoom Video Conferencing. The application can be downloaded for free from Prior to the workshop you will receive a link to join the video conference.

Please ensure that you have a webcam so that you can participate.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, please contact the organizer directly stating your requirements.

How can I contact the organizer?

Please contact the organizer via the contact form. Contact number available once checkout is completed.

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